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Services and procedures for foot and ankle problems

state-of-the-art procedures

Services and procedures for foot and ankle problems


Small incisions requiring little or no stitching.

Ankle Arthroscopy

Ankle Arthroscopy is a minimal incision surgical procedure under a scope that can even fix ligaments and get rid of arthritis in the ankle joint. Dr Joseph trained in Arthroscopy Surgery of the Ankle and Ankle Joint at the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgical Arthroscopy (ACFAS); April 2023.

Sports injuries

Treating common sport injuries to the foot and ankle.


Correcting conditions with a shorter recovery.

Laser procedures

Reducing inflammation and stimulating healing in the body.

Dr Jay's Relief

Dr Jay's Relief Stride Insoles stabilize the foot, flatten hammertoe, and gets tension off the plantar fascia; relief from fatigue and pain.

Protecting overall health

Misalignments in foot position, posture, and gait can affect the entire body if left untreated.

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Regain your freedom and embrace a more active, fulfilling life.

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You're my #1 priority

You're my #1 priority

Dr Joseph prides himself on providing quality care as a number one priority to patients of all ages. He creates a strong connection with his patients by informing and educating them of their medical condition, accommodating their needs, and providing a positive and satisfying experience.

With continual learning of new procedures and techniques, Dr Robert J Joseph II continues to be at the forefront of emerging technology in foot care. He is well known for a cutting edge ankle sprain surgery that reduces recovery time and gets patients instantly back on their feet again.

As one of Southern California's premier surgical podiatrists, Dr Robert J Joseph II specializes in ankle sprain repair, plantar fasciitis, neuroma repair, hammer toe, and bunion correction.

Pacific Oaks Medical Center, Beverly Hills

Ankle reconstruction, Minimal-invasive, and non-invasive

Glendale, Central Medical Plaza

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Surgical Podiatrist

Plantar Fasciitis

The ligament that supports the arch of the foot becomes inflamed caused by factors including the way an individual walks, body weight, and use of the wrong type of shoe.

Plantarfascitis Treatment: (1)  Wear the Ankle Brace with Silicone Inserts for 2 weeks, (2) followed by wearing Dr Jay's Relief Stride Insoles/orthotics; remove shoe insole, if removable. Do not move insole to other shoes until 3 consecutive days with one pair of shoes. (3) Apply the Icy Roll-on with 600 MG CBD Extract in the morning and evening over painful areas.

Dr Jays Relief

Neuroma Repair

This is a condition in which the nerve between your toes feels numb due to pressure or abnormal walking patterns.

Ankle Sprain Repair

It is very important to not only evaluate the bones via X-ray, but also get an MRI to rule out potential ligament tears, which can cause permanent damage.


We build the structures
and infrastructure

Sports Injuries

Physical therapy and/or surgical repair may be needed by a trusted medical professional.

Bone Spurs

When bone spurs begin to cause pain, seeking the care from Dr Robert J Joseph II can give you the best relief and improvement of mobility.

San Diego to San Jose

Dr Robert J Joseph II provides innovative care to gently reduce problems associated with pressure points, muscle strain, and abnormal forces on the ankles, knees, hips, and spine.

Tendon Injuries

Conditions identified by an inflammation of the tendon can treated by orthotics, physical therapy and/or surgical repair.


Over time, custom orthotic support that is prescribed by Dr Robert J Joseph II will bring relief from fatigue and pain, allowing one to enjoy daily activities comfortably.

Bunion Correction

The genetic condition is exacerbated by the way an individual walks and/or stands in shoes. When Bunions are present, the joint in the foot does not move properly and can cause the cartilage to break off causing discomfort.


We build the structures
and infrastructure

26 Bones, 33 Joints

The foot is made of 26 bones and connected with 33 joints.

Hammer Toe

The appearance of curled and/or contracted toes is a genetic condition that is exacerbated by the way an individual walks and/or stands.

Joint Issues

Dr Robert J Joseph II reviews foot and ankle conditions in order to determine the true origin of the problem.

foot + health conditions

Foot + Health Conditions headline

foot and health conditions

Foot and health conditions

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Evaluating and reviewing practices with each case to ensure problems are avoided, seeing patients without disruptions to patients' staff, allowing facilities to focus on care.

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“I have had two INCREDIBLE feet surgery experiences with doctor Robert Joseph. He is PROFESSIONAL, CARING, and does a PRISTINE job. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM with his outstanding staff and professional facilities. A+ SERVICE"

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“Brilliant foot doctor with a fun bedside demeanor and a quick wit! Felt like I was in great hands."

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Services and procedures for foot and ankle problems

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October 29, 2021
Ask the Doctor

July 22, 2022. Foot and Ankle Surgeon, Robert J Joseph II, DPM specializes in treating injuries to ligaments, tendons, and bones. When possible, he uses minimally invasive techniques and cutting-edge solutions created by Anika that address issues such as Big Toe Arthritis, hammertoes, and other abnormalities. Dr. Joseph specializes in the prevention and treatment of arthritis, common sports injuries, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendon tears, as well as bunions and corns.